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How to Raid Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Backlinks (links from other people’s web sites that go to your site) are a major contributor to how well you rank in search engines. Here’s a method to get more links coming into your web site through finding out where your competitors are getting theirs.

It’s pretty simple–head to Open Site Explorer, type in the name of your competitors website, and filter the results to show only links coming from “external links”.

Here’s what you can do with this information:

If I wanted to compete with (just an example) in the search engines, one of the first things I would do is see how many back links they have. If I thought I could compete, I would look is at those site that are already linking to them and see if I couldn’t get those sites to link to me too.

Some of these sites will be directories that list many web sites, some will be sites I can submit articles to and they’ll link back to my site, and some will be complimentary businesses to my business.

Many of those sites will allow me to place my link on their site for free. Some have requirements that I must meet first. Some will charge a fee.

These sites won’t only boost my search engine rank, but may also bring traffic to my site as well.

Narrowing it down:

On thing you want to realize is this–if you’re looking to boost your search engine rank, you’re not interested in contacting every single site that links to your competitors. What you’re interested in are the sites that have the highest rank and are relevant to the topic you want to rank well for.

If you run a website about stopping foreclosure and you look at’s backlinks, the best sites to contact and get a back link from would be those that have a high page rank and sites that are about foreclosure and foreclosure related topics.

That means if Rosie’s Flower Shop, with no page rank, is linking to, I’m not interested in talking to them. But if Jim’s Real Estate Blog with a page rank of 4 will link to my site, I’m all over that.

Sites like this can not only provide you with quality backlinks, but are also great sources of quality traffic.

Pretty cool, huh?

Give it a shot and see what happens!

The next step…

Once you know which sites are linking to your competitors, it’s time to approach them and see if you can get a backlink also.

There are many ways to approach websites, blog owners, article sites, and directories to get the best effect from them. Jump on the mastermind call if you’d like to figure out which ones you should approach first and how you would approach them to fully take advantage of what they offer.

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