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  1. Lyn Cassan Says:

    Jarom, I am a serial entrepreneur and I still learn new things from your tutorials. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  2. Vincent Hicks Says:

    I’m really liking the tutorials Jarom,they are a great benefit,, thanks

  3. Owen Blevins Says:

    Jarom, you never cease to amaze me. Although it’s impossible to be qualified to talk about all of the subjects you address, somehow you seem to knock it out of the park every time. Your thoughts and suggestions are brilliantly simple, easy to understand and implement. Very impressed with your company and you. Rock on…

  4. Barb Zeigler Says:

    Jarom, Emails that come from you are ALWAYS opened because they ALWAYS have good up to date information. On rare occasions when I’m actually acting on the information you send, I always feel good. Sometimes confirmation that I’m doing something right can be very rewarding too.


  5. Dianna Graveman Says:

    Thanks, Jaron, for the great tips! I look forward to learning more from you every week.

  6. shirley dudeck Says:

    Everything you send is good, Jarom, and very appreciated.

  7. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the tutorials Jarom! It helps me figure out the mysterious world of social marketing.

  8. Lyn Cassan Says:

    Jarom, I get a lot out of your tips and welcome thoughts from a kindred spirit. Keep ‘em coming!

  9. Pete Marin Says:

    I look forward to each new nugget of info that hones my marketing strategy. You are a wealth of information, Jarom!

  10. Christine Horold Says:

    I am sorry I have not been able to really get into your system due to a prolonged illness. However, please keep to info coming for future reference.

  11. Sibyl Says:

    Keep the info coming.

  12. Peter Says:

    Hi Jarom,

    Good advise and content.

    To be recommended to anyone starting and operating an internet-based business.

  13. Silvia Wright-Davies Says:

    Hi Jarom
    I love your information and listen/read whenever I can find the time, and there is always some nugget in the way of take away value.

  14. Vince P Mayne Says:

    Content rich

  15. Fernanda Gabriela Says:

    I’ve followed Jarom and I think you’re excellent. I like your approach and I recommend.

  16. JB Floyd Says:

    looking forward to more from you…

  17. JB Floyd Says:

    I have nothing but the highest regard for Jarom and what you are accomplishing here on your site. Keep up the great work.

  18. Deborah Carasso Says:

    Jarom is a wonderful gentleman with high standards. I misunderstood something and he speedily resolved the problem to my satisfaction. I highly recommend giving his business a try.

  19. Didier Dubois Says:

    I’ve been an on & off follower for the past 3 years. I think you’re excellent, to the point and pragmatic, as americans can be. And regret you speak too much about making bags of money. Supreme elegance is to make money and not speak about it, and not “show off”.
    This being said you should find a Jerom Adair clone in Europe (Germany or France – I’m french, to “customize” your tutorials. In Roma, be a Roman!
    Congratulations again.

  20. Richard Baltar Says:

    very successful and knowlegdable conference calls, learn a lot every time . Be on one tomorrow

  21. Julia Lucas Says:

    I found your insights about how to ensure you are populating your LinkedIn profile effectively really helpful!

  22. Joshua-Derek Bossman Says:

    I have really learnt a lot from your emails. I especially liked the one about “How to get raving testimonials for your product”. Something I put into practice and got great results. Keep up the good work, Jarom. Thank you.

  23. Pete Says:

    I like your approach and teaching methods. I have been saving your email messages I haven’t had time to read. My business slow times are predictable (May & June)and I plan to make a coaching call with you then so I can put the necessary time into my marketing plan. Thank you Jarom.

  24. C.F. Says:

    I have enjoyed all the information that you have sent to me. I have learned alot. You always bring someing new and different. Thank you.

  25. Armanda Quezad Says:

    Loving the info on this web site, you have done great job on the articles.

  26. Nicole Says:

    Thanks for your support these past 2 years! Its hard to make as a small one man show in europe in crises, and you helped me to keep motivated and focused.
    Wish you all the best for the new year Jarom!

  27. Alan Trauger Says:

    Can always learn something new and you continuously do that!

  28. Haywood Parvin Says:

    I like this weblog it’s a master piece! Glad I found this on google.

  29. Diane Says:

    Jarom is one of the most generous and knowledgeable people in this field I know. I have learned more than I can say in this space about what I learned from his tutorials and coaching. Partly due to the coaching I received, my income for 2011 is nearly double what it was for 2010.

  30. Greg Avery Says:

    Thank You…Great information here about website start up

  31. Tom Fair Says:

    Really liked the interview with Michael Yublosky concerning LinkedIn. It would be great to see more of your friends/associates/clients in that format.

  32. Tisha Says:

    Thank you for all your help. You truly are the patron saint of businesses struggling online, Jarom.

    From, a lost soul who felt doomed to wander the internet forever.

  33. Jared Says:

    Thank you for your time helping me understand the internet. Your informamtion is good and your heart is in the right place too. I’d recommend you to anybody.

  34. Fred Says:

    It’s diificult to put a true value on all the information and knowledge that Jarom has produced. I truly beleive the coaching calls provide the real power that can reach far beyond the tutorials and online webinars. If you have yet to participate in these calls you are not fully experiencing the riches that are offered to all of us.

    Thank you for your generosity.

    With great respect,

  35. Julie Says:

    I value the clarity of how you share your tips. In a short time and with little effort, I am able to apply the information. Thank you!

  36. Barbara-Lynn Says:

    I have gotten a lot out of the basic Tutorials that you sent me on various topics. From these I derived lot’s of support to do things myself. And I’ve used many of your suggestions including developing a blog, writing articles for relevant websites that cater to people interested in my services, listing on directories (some of which have boosted my search engine visibility. Also looking at my competitor’s source pages and now in the midst of redoing my keywords and metatags.

    So thank you for being an honest and caring source of information for beginners and intermediate folks like me. Thank you for being you.

    Kind Regards,

  37. marci brand Says:

    Thank you for your help and useful tips. What I find most useful is your real world approach to things. Thanks again!

  38. Bob Ashmore Says:

    Many thanks for the wonderful tips and strategies you regularly provide. I am in the process of setting up e-commerce on my new business site and will be implementing some of your strategies. Keep up the good work.

  39. Richard Mierzejewski Says:

    I do look at the emails but it seems that I don’t have enough time to attend the webinars

  40. Merle Says:

    Jarom, I am finding your observations and comments to be insightful and useful. The coaching calls are valuable because I get a fresh perspective on my business opportunities and challenges from co-participants.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    I like the emails I receive from you , Jarom.

  42. Ankur Says:

    I couldn’t attend you web seminars but always have been reading the articles which are inspiring and though provoking.
    As a matter of fact, I even got a business idea as well because of 1 video that you posted. I’m working on it and would let you know, once finished.
    Many thanks, keep up the good work :)

  43. arnel cartoneros Says:

    Sir thanks for being generous to me.I’ll always appreciate your work.But for me my situation I’ m only using a free domain as I have no money to buy a domain. But thanks for your good and best tutorial.I hope soon you can give me a best advice soon in internet business…

    Best God regards;


  44. Eriq Says:

    Although I don’t always have time to read or join in for a webinar, I do appreciate the work you do and the help you’ve given me. Thanks!

  45. Sam Says:

    Jarom: I am certainly thankful for the value you have continued to provide which has been an integral part of the growth of my enterprise. On the personal side, I am no longer the “tech challenged” kid on the block & that alone is priceless. From my family to you & yours, Happy Holiday’s. Yours In Success,
    Sam Ally

  46. Steven Barlow Says:

    Thanks for hosting/sharing the insights on Linked In profiles and your profile…thought provoking

  47. Kate Baker Says:

    Thanks for the information and insight I have received by reading your emails, website and through your webinars – very helpful.

  48. Jerry Says:

    Always great information, Jarom. Thanks.

  49. Abdulla Muhammad Says:

    Excellant tutorials, thanks a lot.

  50. Francke the Lyrical Yankee Says:

    Even though I’ve been out of touch lately look forward to your tutorials. Happy Holidays! Best Regards, Francke

  51. wickel Says:

    Jarom is awesome. He really knows what he talks about and I have learned more from him than I could have imagined. Many thanks to Jarom!

  52. Roger Kininmonth Says:

    Many thanks for some excellent input
    Roger Kininmonth

  53. Martin Cox Says:

    Good material shared in the tutorials-and apart from that it’s always stimulating to talk with Jarom or join in his webinars- he keeps me focused in developing my website

  54. Julie Mautner Says:

    Hi Jarom, your webinar was useful and gave me new info and a little nudge. Thanks!

  55. George Says:

    Your tutorials always enriches me in internet marketing

  56. Deaydre Lea Pulliam Says:

    Your tutorials are great. You are very generous to share this valuable information and are very highly regarded and appreciated!

  57. C.F. Says:

    Your tutorials are great. Thanks for what you do for us.

  58. Marilyn Says:

    Thank you for the great information! It helps having someone to bring us such great help with technology and working our way through all of the new resources that we have available to us. You are a wonderful guide!

  59. Bill Bateman Says:

    You are a “breath of fresh air” in the IM niche. Keep up the good work – you’ve taught me a lot.

  60. Alan Figura Says:

    I do find your e-mails and the one tutorial I participated useful. Thank you.

  61. Rita Lawrence Says:

    Hi Jarom, I like your emails. I think I lost you on Twitter but will correct.

  62. Jay Webster Says:

    Please let me thank you for all the great information that has helped our organization tremendously.
    I do not have time to peruse this level of information myself. So, I thank you for doing the foot work for our staff!

  63. Mac McQuade Says:

    Hi Jarom – I read about 90% of what you send me and find it to be informative and insightful. I’m not fond of being pitched on webinars but I understand what you’re doing with them. Keep up the good work!

  64. Katy Hestand Says:

    Yes, I have enjoyed all of your services. They have taught me so much that is current and useful. I will be so glad when things get to a point that I am making the profit needed to use a service that is paid for. The site is very informative and pleasant to navigate, I hate it when I have to hunt for things, I’m dyslexic enough

    Katy Hestand

  65. Raphael Wyngaardt Says:

    Hi Jarom
    I find your articles and blogs informative, thought provoking and insightful and some of the things you draw attention to are so basic that one often overlooks them, as obvious as they might be.Thank you for the trouble you take in producing this information in a readable and understandable format that is easy to comprehend and apply.
    Keep up the good work! The internet is a more navigable place because of it. Well done!

  66. Dave Says:

    With the overwhelming volume of emails that I receive, Jarom’s receive top of my list priority. I read every one of them. Thank you Jarom, for providing such a valuable service.

  67. William Lulow Says:

    I have found Mr. Adair’s insights to be particularly helpful with topics such as SEO among others.

  68. David Goes Says:

    Jarom knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to know how to get started in marketing their business online. My wife loves your tutorials! Keep up the good work Jarom.

  69. Art Says:

    Very helpful – Thanks

  70. Ken Reid Says:

    Your articles are very informative. I don’t use everything you mention in your articles, but I do sometimes combine information from numerous articles that I have received from you.

  71. Mark Says:

    Jarom, I have learned a lot from your webinars and blogs. You have helped me weed through the intricacies of the web and social media. Thanks for all you do.

  72. Joe Gay Says:

    Hi Jarom, I do find the tutorials informative. I have yet to bite on the “call to action” devices that you have thrown out there, but I am tempted. I find that you don’t talk over my head and that is refreshing because I’m a little intimidated with social media yet I know my business will benefit from me “taking the plunge”. I’m sure that you’ll get me soon!


  73. Steven Says:

    The information I have received has been very helpful to me on my online business. Thanks for sharing this valuable information for free.

  74. Kate Thompson Says:

    As a business owner, I find the information I have received from Jarom to be invaluable.

  75. Jim Cockrill Says:

    So many complicated emails out there every day, it is refreshing to be able to quickly scan your email to see if it is something I want or need. Thanks for the simplicity!

  76. Dan Says:

    As a business owner I really do feel that the time I was able to spend with Jarom and on his forums/calls and site was valuable, and only limited by my own time and resources. Having him available to breakdown strategies and marketing is like having a partner you can really count on!

  77. Thomas Wrona Says:

    Very helpful. Although he was not familiar with my type of business, he was able to grasp the essence of our needs and offered very good advice.

  78. Mike Says:

    It’s so valuable to find an “internet marketer” that cuts through all of the B.S that’s out there. You can tell that Jarom really, sincerely wants to help people. I’m on all of those other guys mailing lists, but Jarom is the only one that I trust to give me good information.

  79. Carey Giudici Says:

    Every tutorial gives lots of information–about a subject I’m interested in, how that topic relates to other issues or techniques, and how deep and wide Jarom’s pertinent knowledge is. Great stuff to visit and take to heart!

  80. Blaird Says:

    Thanks Jerome. I have found everyone to have some information that is useful.

  81. Brandon Doyle Says:

    Jarom is a good man… the best in the business. In a sea of confusion of chaos, Jarom is a beacon of light and truth. Godspeed Mr. Jarom.

  82. Beth Says:

    I have been following you for over a year now. your tutorials are amazingly clear and packed with valuable information. Thank you so much.

  83. Rob Marlowe Says:

    I look forward to receiving your emails.

  84. prem Says:

    Your information is great and talking with you is a pleasure!

  85. Ted Pierce Says:

    You can see by the feedback that Jarom has many satisfied customers. He has helped me, big time, with my internet marketing. Try him out. You won’t be disappointed.

  86. Evaline Says:

    Thanky Thanky for all this good information!

  87. Galen Gilberti Says:

    Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  88. yoxx Says:

    thank you Jarom… you are the great one

  89. Preston Racette Says:

    These are very good tutorials! Keep them coming!

  90. Stoyan Says:

    I find the info helpful. Maybe the paid version is much better but I don’t use it for now :)

  91. Nanci Benefiel Says:

    I don’t always get to every tutorial but find yours to be very helpful and informative. Keep them coming.

  92. Richard Mierzejewski Says:

    I wish I had more time to delve into the tutorials

  93. Leonid Says:

    There are a lot of seo tutorials on the net but yours are among the best for sure.

  94. Jobi Says:

    Jarom – thanks you so much for all the great information and tutorials you send. I am low on the learning curve, but plan to make a lot more progress in the coming months!

  95. Tim Edris Says:

    I really liked your email list content. Looking forward to more content about that subject

  96. Roger Richmond-Smith Says:

    Jarom, Thanks indeed for your very helpful coaching – very practical.

  97. Paula Stahel Says:

    Jarom, your tutorials are so educational to a neophyte such as I that I’ve archived 90% of them to listen again. What they’ve also taught me is that an important investment I need to make in my own business is to retain you so I can learn even more. I have no clue how your material came to my attention, but I sure am glad it did!

  98. Simon Smith Says:

    Thanks for such concise information, it really helps to have someone who takes the time to start from a basic level and scales up from there.
    Really enjoyed the video format too, makes retention easier than simply reading it as you can go back and forward over sections until you understand it all.

  99. Shiv Vasisht Says:

    I have not been able to visit your site as much as I would have liked to, but even you simple emails have so much to offer that I feel I have learned much just reading the outlines! Thanks for you efforts – you remain on top of my list as the touchstone for my internet needs, and all of this just through your regular e-mailers! Big businesses could learn a lot from you!

  100. Ramraj Singh Says:

    Yes,I do enjoy all your video’s sometimes I discuss this with my team during our weekly meeting.Thanks for your work.

  101. Jeffery Mccaig Says:

    I can’t get your RSS feed to work right in google chrome, is it on my end?

  102. Flor Rodriguez Says:

    Very positive and helpful. Thanks!

  103. George Says:

    Thanks for the tutorials. They are quite informative and helpful. You’ve put alot of hard work and effort into this and I sincerely appreciate it. I’m sure the information I haven’t yet applied will come in handy in the future. Thanks again.

  104. Linda Lori Says:

    Yes, great info. but I can’t access the full version. I guess you have to be a member or something.

  105. Chris S Says:

    I have mainly used your emails to cause me to think about ideas to consider as I rework my website. I have not watched all the videos you have sent but have read the commentaries and found them very helpful.

  106. Dave Says:

    I absolutely have been helped by your web site, and by your email tips and tricks. Thank you so much!

  107. Virginia Ashmore Says:

    With Jarom, you get not only the tutorials, but a REAL person that you can send an email or question to and Jarom is the one that will email you back with an answer. NOT one of those usual responses like “sorry for this auto response, I am unable to answer your question directly”…..yuch! NOT with Jarom, you get Jarom, his insight, his caring and you feel you are really “connected” to him we are able to find out about his family, his children gives us a much better feel for the person of Jarom and so you want to stay with the site, to learn more. Speaking of learning more, I am finally able now to be online and so I look forward to being in the affiliate program. Thanks Jarom!

  108. Jerry Dominguez Says:

    Jarom is straight forward and a source of critical business information to help grow your business. His style is one that enables quick learning and application. I look forward to a growing relationship with him and his company.

  109. Mireille A Says:

    Interesting information. Thank u Jarom!

  110. Ton van Hooijdonk Says:

    Hi Jarom,

    I’ve found your tutorials very helpful in setting up and optimizing my website. Lots of tips for things to check out on my website/in my business. Havn’t been able to follow you webinars because of the time difference between US and europe.
    Your posts are very much appreciated.

    Keep up sending the tutorials.

    Ton van Hooijdonk
    New Life Wellness

  111. HAMMOUMI Says:

    Your tutorials are very interesting and i learned a lot, it helped me growing my business in social media.
    Thank you Jarom

  112. Raimo Says:

    Ii do a little web design on the side, and love your little tips!

  113. Michael Says:

    H have read some and enjoy, but only a few have come thrugh. I just retrieved this one from spam.

  114. Sonia McIntosh Says:

    I am certainly enjoying your tutorials. The most recent one I found very interesting was: “how to pound the tar out of your competition.” Awesome! I am now getting into the habit of tweeting the information you send me and posting on my facebook page.

  115. Ezbrz Says:

    The information and insight you provide is wonderful. Thank you.

  116. Geetha Jayaraman Says:

    Your tutorials are wonderful. Just a wealth of information. If I could implement at least some of it, my business will be very successful. Thanks Jarom.

  117. Steve Says:

    Great value. My implementation less than great due to time constraints.

  118. Ted Says:

    Jarom, when I first went into email marketing I was overwhelmed with information. You information helps me put the puzzle together. I would recommend this program to any business person that wants to learn internet marketing. For me, the learning curve was long and steep. This simplifies it for me. Thanks.

  119. Col Rada Says:

    Jarome – I saved all of your emails in a dedicated SEO tutorials folder for easy and fast reference which I use any time I need an advise. Thanks!

  120. TiCo Says:

    You are a brilliant man and you share! I read the info you send and it opens my awareness hugely. I am so saturated in newsletters and emails and online courses that I have to keep some info focus on the to do list until life permits. I know I’m not alone in this. Thank you for your generosity with your information.

  121. Karen Says:

    Very much appreciate your words of wisdom. Always look forward to your insightful, logical, and relevant nuggets to help me be successful online.

  122. Sara Dillinger Says:


    I have found your tutorials and blogs very helpful. Unfortunately, I’m not yet at the point where I can afford to subsribe. When I get to that point, your membership will be one of the first I subscribe to.
    Thanks for being so generous with your time and information.
    Sara Dillinger

  123. Lilliam Larsen Says:

    Yes I enjoy your e-news sometimes they are repeated, I’m sure becuase I haven’t joined, but I do enjoy the information and have used it as much as possible. Thanks for your work.

  124. Kuba Oms Says:

    I appreciate your soft sell. You are patient with me and we all know that patience is a virtue.
    Can we focus on a niche is a large region such as L.A. or the U.K.?

  125. Geoff Holman Says:

    I have found your information to be quite helpful and informative. I will contact you directly in the very near future to discuss how to effectively work together to expand the sharing of this information.

  126. Peggy F. Says:

    Your tutorials are full of great information, and they are easy to read and understand…thanks for your professional assistance.

  127. Hannah Roscoe-Metzger Says:

    Always interesting & pertinent. Thank you!

  128. Marvin Says:

    I love and look forward to your info and tutorials!

  129. Adam Says:

    Hi Jarom, I found Your tutorials very useful. Actually the way You summarize the hottest topics is what makes me read all mails from You.

  130. Avishek Says:

    Thanks for those wonderful tutorials,they were really helpful.I appreciate your efforts.

  131. Deirdre Says:

    Jarom, I love your tutorials. They are simple, clear, practical and excellent for people with few resources.

  132. Nicholas Joseph Lim Says:

    Jarom, I enjoy your videos because I always find something to add to what I have already learned. Regards Nicholas.

  133. paul hassan Says:

    excellent incisive stuff keep it coming Jarom – its well presented concise and extremely helpful in my day to day business dealings

  134. Mike Jones Says:

    It’s good, clear and quite easy to follow and fairly basic so long as you stop every now and again and have a little play with the application to reflect on what has been said.

  135. Didier Dubois Says:

    Really outstanding, factual, to the point, “chapeau” as we say in french.Problem: time to implement!
    I could add lots of nice things, I’ll point out one negative point seen from “old Europe”. You talk too much about money, making money..The Swiss say, you make money, don’t talk or brag about it.

    I’ll come early next year with an english version of my site. I’ll be seeking help, then, to beta test it.
    Keep being so good
    Didier Dubois – Biarritz – SW France

  136. Al Shultz Says:

    Jarom, I appreciate your willingness to share really concrete, useful, practical information and tips without the hype or fluff that are all too common from so-called business gurus. Thank you.

  137. Sue Horowitz Says:

    Yes, thank you. Your tutorials have provided valuable information. I look forward to future posts.

  138. Gordon Hughes Says:

    Youir site is fantastic. I haven’t had enough time to get back into it as I should, but the coaching calls give an opportunity to get quick answers and feedback from everyone on the call.
    Great concept…and it works!

  139. Nick Rowney Says:

    Hi Jarom, the fact that I am writing this is proof enough that I indeed get a lot for you articles, please keep it up.

  140. Zorka Kovacevich Says:

    You’re the best of all the rest! With gratitude for your continued contribution to my education. Many thanks! Zorka

  141. Michael Hunt Says:

    I use the editorials for clients that wish to optimise their own websites – this positioned as appropriate and to client specifics

  142. Jim Glose Says:

    You are one of the very best in the industry. You always provide very insightful comments and tutorials for developing one’s online business. I really appreciate you.

  143. Ed Alvarez Says:

    Jarom, I believe that you provide very useful information for our online marketing efforts I sincerely appreciate your efforts to keep us informed. Ed

  144. CAMARA Says:

    I’m very interesting.

  145. Sam Ally Says:

    Jarom: We have spoken in the past & to date what I said before still holds true. You continually provide a great deal of value, broken down for the layman or “non techie” such as myself & made what seemd daunting or overwhelming quite simple & effortless. I appreciate you & what you do for all. For all others checking this out, I have been to bootcamps, #’s of webinars with the likes of Tellman Knudson, Derek Gehl & countless others. If you want to get started just follow along w/Jarom & you will breakthrough the barriers keeping you from doing so. No this was not a paid testimonial. He is the Real Deal

  146. Barbara-Lynn Says:

    I’ve enjoyed listening to your videos and reading all your newsletters. Some of the suggestions I was already doing, but many new ones to implement. Your advise is always easy to understand, just need the time to implement them.

  147. Lencola Sullivan-Verseveldt Says:

    Your tutorials have been very valuable. Thanks!

  148. William Lulow Says:

    Actually used some info on SEO. Managed to get my site on Google, P.1. – Thanks

  149. Lee Says:

    Yes agree with everyone very informative keep up the good work

  150. Martha Bereczky Says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable information, I have implemented many tips for our company.

  151. Ken Manchester Says:

    Jarom gives absolutely great information. I must admit that I’ve had to be away from it recently, but intend to fire things up again shortly. Many thanks!

  152. Jits Says:

    You always share the best information. I look forward to receiving your helpful and insightful information.

  153. Wickel Says:

    Jarom, I love listening to your tutorials! They are so helpful and I can listen to them over and over again. I pull one up while I am doing work on my computer and listen to the tutorial and learn so many things while I am getting my work done. Very interesting and valuable information. I’d recommend listening to these to anyone.

  154. Gay Gasser Says:

    I have watched every single video (might be just a slight exaggeration). They are invaluable tools. I have recommended IMBO to anyone who will listen to me! SERIOUSLY!!!!

  155. MC Says:

    clarity- Jerome is an oasis in a desert polluted with too much sand when it comes to cutting through to the gist of it – all at once getting into the nitty gritty yet maintaining the overview and not getting lost in details

  156. Arley Says:

    The information you provide so valuable that I save each of your emails so that I can pass them on to others; referring them to your web-site.

  157. Jim Oliver Says:

    Plenty of insight to how things work, or don’t work. Also, I AM still here and reading your posts.

  158. Tony King Says:

    Jerome, you are one of the very few on-line gurus whom I thoroughly respect. You essentially GET IT. Your comments and emails are usually right on the money. No, Jerome didn’t pay me to say this..!!

  159. John Batson Says:

    I have attended some of your earlier tutorials and have gain tremendous insights that I have shared with my business partners. However, recently we have been very busy and unable to participate but still would like to keep in touch with your facility.

  160. Ron Newman Says:

    I’ve spent all my time on the conference call, and then implementing what I learn on the conference call. The tutorials are on my to-do list. But I know any feedback is better than silence so that’s why I’m responding.

  161. Christine Gabb Says:

    I’m pretty new to this stuff but I certainly appreciate all the information available… will sign up as soon as I am ready to go live.

  162. Brett Lipeles Says:

    I like the simple language you use to explain the e-marketing concepts and the practical application advice. I believe that your articles are very useful and helpful and wish you much success.

  163. Fred Held Says:

    Marketing your website and building business discussion is very strong. I loved it!!!
    Building your website for maximum conversion rates is very poor. Not in the same class as marketing your website and building your business.

  164. Ed Cholfin Says:

    For the last year+ I have gleaned a variety of information that my marketing director has utilized or done additional research on to look at new options for our business.
    Unfortunately, I have not taken advantage of all the information available.
    Thanks fr staying in touch.

  165. Adam Says:

    Your articles and all that you send over are a good and we enjoy reading them.

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