Death of a Solopreneur

How to stop the senseless killing of Small Business Owners:

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To succeed online, you first have to understand the source of your problems:

  • What makes internet marketing so difficult and frustrating?
  • Why is it taking so excruciatingly long for me to see results?
  • Why don't my best efforts seem good enough?
  • Why do I feel like I'm spinning my wheels all the time?

As the video mentions above, it really is my mission to understand what makes internet marketing so difficult so I can find solutions.

And what I found was very interesting...

Why the Internet Doesn't Work for Small Businesses Anymore: the 3 new requirements to survive online

By Jarom Adair

The internet doesn't work for us anymore. Maybe you've noticed.

The internet was supposed to be this amazing place where struggling or new businesses can succeed. Where a little concentrated effort today pays big rewards by the end of the month. Where leads and money flow much more easily.

The internet used to be that way, but it's not anymore. Now it's frustrating and overwhelming.

Do you want to know why the internet isn't working for you? And how to fix it?

You need to begin by understanding the 3 reasons for all the difficulty you've been experiencing--3 things we used to be able to count on to make it possible for a small business person to thrive online that we can't count on anymore:

1) The internet was supposed to be a source of knowledge

The internet used to be a place where you could find the information you need to succeed.

But today there are too many competing opinions and way too much information out there for one person to absorb. If you even try to sort through the torrent of information, you literally start to feel like you're drowning in information.

Have you felt that way lately?

And, after spending hours struggling through the onslaught of emails, articles, videos, and webinars, how can you tell which information is good for your business as opposed to the information that is useless or even harmful?

So your first problem is #1) "Pervasive and Overwhelming Information Overload"

2) The internet was supposed to work for beginners

The internet used to be the Wild West. There was opportunity for everybody. If you were new to internet marketing, that's okay--everybody was new!

But now the basic strategies that used to bring easy traffic are dominated by the people who have been around for years, and beating them requires years of experience and expertise, which you don't have.

How are you ever supposed to catch up to those people? And how can you possibly survive in the meantime with the easy traffic already being snatched away by someone else before you even have a chance?

Your second problem is #2) "Catching Up to Those Who Are Already Years Ahead of You"

3) The internet was supposed to be budget-friendly

The internet used to be a place where those of us with no money could work hard, and with nothing but our diligence and determination we could get plenty of leads for our business or even create a small empire for ourselves so we could make as much money as we wanted on auto pilot while we sit on a beach sipping cold drinks with those little umbrellas sticking out the top.


But today if you want to succeed quickly you have to have money. You either have to:

A) buy a lot of coaching and education to become a marketing guru yourself


B) hire a marketing firm to do things for you

Take your pick--those are the two choices you have. They're both viable choices, but only if you have money.

But if you're on a tight budget, spending that kind of money can sink you.

So the third problem is #3) "Break Your Bank Before You Even Have a Chance to Properly Compete"

And let me make one thing clear before we go further:

Having difficulty succeeding online has nothing to do with how intelligent you are, how dedicated you are, or how much you're willing to sacrifice for your business...

I talk with 20-year and 30-year business veterans who are beating their head against a wall because despite their best efforts they haven't been able to figure out internet marketing. I talk with these people all the time, and they confirm they've never encountered anything this difficult in 30 years of solving business problems.

So let me repeat, there is nothing wrong with you.

EVERY solopreneur and small business owner who ventures online today gets pounded. Every single one.

You can study and work 24/7 trying to figure out how to market online, and you will only get more and more overloaded and frustrated. Do you see how this problem feeds on itself?

To put it bluntly, it is practically impossible for you to succeed online alone. That's just how badly the deck is stacked against you.

So what can you do?

The 3 new requirements to survive and thrive on today's internet

If you want to blow the roof off your business online, here's what it takes...

1) The answer to "Information Overload"

The only way to get rid of information overload is by having a "Marketing Game Plan" for your business. Any experienced internet marketer could talk with you and, fairly quickly, outline how they would market your business if they were you. This outline would tell you what you should focus on and in what order.

Let me ask you--if you had this game plan for your business (in other words, you knew the steps to make your business successful online), would you waste your precious time reading all those internet marketing emails and attending pricey webinars? Of course not!

You'd focus on the next step in your plan and nothing else. No more information overload! You simply follow your plan that has been tailored to your business, and you will succeed.

Answer #1) A Marketing Game Plan

2) The answer to "Lack of Expertise"

As you follow your Marketing Game Plan, what do you do if you run into questions or problems? If something's got you stumped, where would you turn?

Imagine that you have a friend who is a professional internet marketer. He's given you an open invitation to call him up any time you have a question--his line is open to you. That means no more surfing the internet for an hour and a half trying to answer some stupid little question... just give him a quick call and get an answer that's tailored to your business.

Would that be awesome?

What if he had enough people calling him that he simply held a conference call every day, and invited you to it. You and anybody else he invited could call in any time you have a question, and he calls it a "Mastermind Call" because you'd get access to the minds of the other business owners present in addition to his internet marketing expertise.

Your "lack of expertise" is no longer a problem. You've got all the experience you need backing you up any time you need it!

Answer #2) Daily Mastermind Calls

The answer to "Too Expensive"

If you've got a Marketing Game Plan tailored to your business and a Daily Mastermind Call to tap into, you're pretty much all set. Because if you know what to do and you have plenty of support to do it, there's really nothing else you need.

Of course getting that kind of tailored information and personal support will cost a pretty penny. How much are the gurus charging nowadays? A couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars... per hour?

To get a price you can afford, the professional marketer you're looking for had better have a big soft spot for Solopreneurs.

As luck would have it, you've already found me.

I offer Marketing Game Plans and continued support via Daily Mastermind Calls, and since I can coach many people at once I can price this to suit those who don't have money to burn.

And no--nobody else uses daily conference calls to coach people. They either sell their time by the hour or sell info products. Holding daily mastermind calls is a unique approach I came up with to balance the need every business owner has for personalized coaching while keeping the costs low enough for anybody to participate.

So let me spend thousands of dollars on all the info products and coaching. Let me deal with the information overload. I've got a knack for organizing and simplifying all the information out there into a winning game plan for you. That's what I do, and I'm very good at it. Just check out the testimonials below...

Answer #3) Check out the testimonials and pricing of my Marketing Game Plan and Mastermind calls below


What I do that others aren't willing to do

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