Please read through this page carefully before contacting me with a question.

Membership Questions:

How do I update my account information?

Log on to your Member Page here and choose "Change Password/Edit Profile".

Is your order process secure?

Yes our pages are secure. All orders are placed through PayPal and your credit card information and other data are never passed on to IMFBO.

My username and password aren't working. What do I do?

If you try logging in and you get the message "Access to this membership area is not allowed. Please go to "Membership information page" to renew or add subscription", click on the "Membership information page" link and, under "Upgrade Your Subscription", choose one of two options:

1. Choose the "Affiliate" subscription for immediate access to the mentoring program articles only

2. Choose the "Premium" subscription and complete your subscription through PayPal for access to all the tutorials on the entire site.

If you try logging in and you get the message "username or password incorrect", enter your email address or username in the "Lost password?" field. One of two things will happen:

1. If you've been entering the incorrect password, your password will be emailed to you.

2. If your username or email is wrong you will receive a message stating that your username does not exist in our database. If this is the case, it's likely you joined the email list but your membership account was never completely set up. It's best to go to the signup page and re-submit your information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log into PayPal and under your account history look for "Subscription Creation to Jarom Adair". You'll find this entry on the date that you originally created your paid account. Click on the "details" link and choose "cancel subscription" to cancel your paid subscription.

How do I opt out of the email list?

To stop receiving emails, just scroll to the bottom of any email you receive and click on the link titled "To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:". After clicking that link, select "unsubscribe".

I want a refund on my membership--what do I need to do?

To obtain a refund on your membership simply email me at Memberships can only be refunded during the first month.

Affiliate Program Questions:

How do I become an affiliate?

You are automatically given an affiliate ID and links when you first sign up on the site.

What fees or contracts are associated with becoming an affiliate?

There are no fees or contracts associated with the use of the affiliate system. It is free to you for life. The only cost involved would be for any advertising costs you incur marketing the web site.

What do you offer if I join your program, and how do I promote my business?

How it works is you promote a front end retail product like IMFBO to your target market (other business owners) generate qualified leads in the process, you build a relationship with them and then you introduce any other products/service they may be in need of that you offer.

The paid membership comes with a risk free money back guarantee. So you and your referrals have nothing to risk.

I also provide you with complete marketing training and resources available on your affiliate page.

How many levels do you pay?

I pay commissions on two levels, 40% for your direct referrals, and 10% of anyone your referrals refer.

How can I change my links/username?

At this time you cannot change your affiliate links or username. You can, however, use the "How to Pretty Up Your Affiliate Links" tutorial to change your links.

Commission Questions:

How much do I make per sale?

This is a 2-tiered affiliate system.

For every person you refer, you make 40% of everything they buy, month after month, for as long as they stay a member.

You make 10% for anyone your referral's refer, month after month, for as long as they stay a member.

Note: Prices may raise or lower during testing periods, special offers, or sales.

When and how are commissions paid?

Commissions are accumulated throughout the month, and commissions lock in on the 15th of the month 10 days after the month in which the sale occurred. Payments are then processed beginning on the 16th of the month. Please allow up to two weeks for your payment to arrive.

Commissions are paid with PayPal.

To add your PayPal address to your account, simply go to your affiliate stats page here, click "Update your commissions payout info" and enter your paypal address.

What happens if someone asks for a refund?

If a customer asks for a refund they will be refunded the amount paid for the current month and affiliates will not receive a commission for that referral that month.

How are commissions tracked and when are they posted to my affiliate stats?

Once a prospect clicks on any of your affiliate links, you will get credit for any purchases they make.

Every time a prospect clicks on your link a cookie is set to track back to you.

Cookies are kept for a period of 350 days. At that time the cookie expires.

Affiliate stats are updated immidiately in real time.

A lead purchased a membership, but I didn't get credit for it. Why not?

Credit is given to the affiliate with the most recent contact. This is also referred to as a “last contact” policy which is standard practice for the affiliate industry.

Example: A prospect clicked on “Steve's” affiliate link last month, but never made a purchase. Then the prospect clicks on your affiliate link yesterday and makes a purchase today. Because you had last contact, you would get credit for the sale instead of Steve.

How can I receive commissions via PayPal?

Your PayPal Address is the email address you use when logging into your PayPal account.

To add your PayPal address to your account, simply go to your affiliate stats page here, click "Update your commissions payout info" and enter your paypal address.

To setup a free PayPal account, simply sign up at

Marketing Questions:

Where can I find marketing materials to promote the IMFBO website?

Visit the Main Affiliate Page for tips and marketing strategies. Click "Get affiliate banners and links" on your Affiliate Stats Page for your affiliate links.

How do I know who my leads are?

Whenever someone purchases a membership, you will automatically be sent an email giving you your referral's name, email, and phone number.

Should I call my leads? What do I say?

Absolutely! That's what the IMFBO system is all about! Not only will you make great new contacts for your primary business, but new members are more likely to stay a member if they receive contact from you (earning you ongoing commission).

You don't want to call your prospects and pitch your business. You want to call them and introduce yourself and see if you can be of assistance with any questions they have about the IMFBO web site. This will help you build a relationship with them.

Certainly you want to let them know what you have to offer them by way of your primary business, but to open with a sales pitch without a relationship in place usually turns people off. You want to position yourself as a mentor and a benefit to their business, and when they've felt that you're there to help they will naturally want to know more about what else you can offer them.

Once a prospect joins the site (free or paid) do you market to them?

Yes, I have a very unique sales process in place to help increase the number of commissions you earn. Once a prospect joins this site (free or paid), they are then emailed useful and actionable information on a regular basis to help convert your free leads to paid subscribers and give your paid subscribers so much value that they will stay a member for a long time.

General Questions:

I'm in Network Marketing. Will I get in trouble with my upline or company for being a part of this affiliate program?

No. I called 10 of the top network marketing companies and none of them had an issue with their people joining an affiliate program. Only one of them (Amway/Quixtar) prohibited their distributors from joining another MLM (the person at Amway was not sure about Amway's stance on 2-tiered affiliate programs and will call me back).

For simplicity's sake I assumed that this 2-tiered affiliate program is an MLM. Here are the companies I called along with their customer service number and the results, and I have a recording of all these calls if you'd like to hear any one of them.

Xango: 801.816.8000
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Yes

Herbalife: 866-617-4273
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Yes

Amway: 616-787-6712
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? No

Agel: 801.806.4200
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Yes

Tahitian Noni: 888-869-9254
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Yes

Monavie: (801) 748-3100
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Yes

Avon: (212) 282-7000
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Likely okay...double-check with Maryann Weiss legal counsel: 212-282-7252, left her a message

Nu Skin: 801-345-1000
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Yes

Usana: 801-954-7200
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Yes

Market America: 866.420.1709
okay to be a distributor of another mlm? Yes

I stopped at 10, so you may want to call your specific company and make sure, but that was enough to satisfy me that becoming an affiliate of this web site is not going to get anyone in trouble with their primary opportunity.

If you still have concerns, please email me at and I can disable your affiliate status.

I don't have a business--will this still work for me?

As an affiliate of this web site, you're in business! Use anything you learn here to market this web site and earn money. The internet marketing skills you will learn here will serve you in any future business venture you decide to undertake.