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You are not alone

It's easy to feel alone in business, especially when it's a struggle just to stay afloat.

When you're making less money than you did in the past, or you've never made much money at all, that's when you feel the most alone.

Because that's when the people around you stop encouraging you. Even those who will benefit from your success tell you that a talented and smart individual like yourself could easily go out and get a real job.

That's when you start questioning your own motives. Is hanging on to this business--this idea of being in control of your time and writing your own paycheck--is it just you being selfish and ignoring the needs of those who depend on you?

And that's when you go online, looking for support, and you find that everyone demands thousands of dollars for their time and information. Spending that money is just not possible right now.

When you need support the most, it seems that's when everyone else backs away.

Without support, business messes with your mind (especially when things aren't going well). I created a 2-minute video about my inner voice that will make you laugh... or possibly cry (depending on your business experience).

Watch it here: (running time 1:58)

Has your "inner imp" said anything like that to you lately?

You're working as hard and as smart as you can. You're trying to do everything yourself. But things aren't happening as fast as they need to, and your own brain is rebelling against you.

So what do you do?

A lot of people deal with this completely by themselves

There is a special class of entrepreneur that is trying to do the (nearly) impossible--they're trying to start their own business completely on their own.

The term "Solopreneur" has not yet made it into, yet there are millions of us out there.

Are you a Solopreneur? Do you do all the marketing, the finances, the account management, the janitorial work...?

It ain't easy, and many of the businesses we turn to for support don't seem to realize the unique needs Solopreneurs have. It has not yet dawned on the internet marketing community that Solopreneurs rarely have hours and hours to study all the information they offer or have thousands of dollars to spend on information packages, coaching, or hiring marketing professionals.

Of course since I'm the one bringing all this up, you know that I'm also finding solutions to this. I'm creating new ways for Solopreneurs to get the support and success they need without breaking the bank in the process.

About Me

IMFBO Owner Jarom Adair My name is Jarom Adair, I'm a solopreneur, and I love working with other Solopreneurs.

I've worked with larger businesses, and when I finish the work for them I'd get a note saying "Thanks for the good work."

But when I work with a fellow Solopreneur I get to see an immediate impact on their business and in their lives.

For example, Jerry Dominguez with said:


I had lost over 50% of my clientele over the last 3 years in the printing business... but in the months I've been a member your advice has landed me 9 new clients for $42,000 of much needed revenue.

Before I met you I felt lost and frustrated. Now I'm excited for the future and I'm excited for my business. Thank you for being there Jarom and putting your heart and soul into helping us. I really appreciate it.

- Jerry Dominguez

That's the kind of note that makes my day.

So if you're a Solopreneur having a hard time marketing your business online, jump on my email list below and I'll show you how to survive on today's internet even if you're doing it all on your own: